Faces of WISE: Monday Yakubu (December 2018)

Monday is our December 2018 face of WISE

This month, we meet Monday from Nigeria, who vounteers remotely with WISE as a copywriter, and writes write stories on WISE’s activities and impact. So far, he has written three stories and is presently working on a fourth.

1) How did you hear about WISE? Why did you decide to volunteer?
I heard about WISE on the United Nation’s online volunteering platform. I decided to volunteer because of my passion to render social services to humanity in the area of water, sanitation and hygiene, and because I was attracted by WISE’s activities and their impact in Southeast Asia.

2) What is one WISE or WASH-related experience that made a deep impact on you?
Volunteering for WISE for the past few months has been incredibly awesome. Working in a team led by a focused leader like Yoke Pean has propelled me to be more committed to my volunteering role. Perhaps the experience that had the biggest impact on me was writing a story on the implementation of the latrine construction subsidy pilot scheme in Phnom Village.

3) What are your thoughts regarding WASH in Southeast Asia?
WASH-related issues are key to human existence. But developing countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia face challenges with providing clean and potable drinking water as well as sanitation facilities for their citizens. I am strongly convinced that the collaborative efforts of governments in the two countries and NGOs such as WISE would improve livelihoods.

4) What are your goals and hopes for the future?
By December 31, 2020, I want to improve the living standard of three thousand people across the globe through online volunteering. I hope to continue volunteering to bring smiles to the faces of the downtrodden in society. As for WISE, I want to have a long-term commitment in helping it to achieve its objectives. I hope that WISE would grow from a regional to an international NGO. Oh, and I also hope to be a talented public speaker in the future!

5) What value is most important to you?
I believe the most underrated virtue is kindness.

Thank you for volunteering with us, Monday!

Written by Sujith Kumar.

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